About us

We are a young, bold, free and professional team formed in 2017, despite all that, our common experience in Design, Commerce, Finance, Logistics and Operational work for is more than 50 years on four co-owners.
This symbiosis of skills and experience allows us to remain competent in all processes related to productive and efficient work with our clients.
We have a dream to create and promote charming, cozy, comfortable, but at the same time daring and striking designs of home textiles in your houses, and, therefore, in your lives. After all, our home is a huge part of life so let’s make it really beautiful.
We strive to bring into this world a piece of our perception of beauty and a sense of style, inspired by the masterpieces of classical artists and decorators and mixing them with modern trend senders in interior design.
We will be very glad to attract and fascinate you with our unique designs of fabrics, tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and tea towels.
The main areas of business now are home textiles and fabric design. We are ready to cooperate in any direction of this niche, from design collaborations, orders of finished products, printing in rolls, to the transfer of full rights to the collection or development together with our designers of unique collections for your business.
We will be glad to any cooperation!
Our mission is to find ourselves and conquer the world with the beauty of our products.
For us it is not a business – it is a lifestyle!